Educational Courses and Training

Understanding and Helping people 


Do you want to help people? Are there people around you who are experiencing difficult circumstances or problems in their lives and you have difficulty responding to them?  Maybe you have tried to give some good advice and it has been resented or ignored, and you are reluctant to try again. 

This training programme is designed for those who would like to contribute more to friends, neighbours, parishioners; who want to show God’s love through care and concern for others, but don’t always know the best way of doing this.  The course is open to adults (young and old, male and female) who are interested in developing their ability to help those around them.    

No previous training or experience is required to join the programme, and those who have experience will find the course stimulating and informative, all are welcome. 

Participants will have the opportunity to: 

This Course, delivered to church groups, will be held in a relaxed atmosphere of your choosing .  There will be opportunities for sharing individual ideas and experiences. 

Prayer Ministry

The Prayer Ministry Course is a series of four weekly sessions which are presented in a relaxed atmosphere with opportunity to ask questions. 

The aim is to present the biblical basis for the healing ministry and the authority we have today to pray for the healing of others; to see the role that repentance and forgiveness plays in healing; and to learn to exercise this ministry sensitively in a team setting. 

The emphasis is always placed on the fact that it is Jesus who is the healer. Many of the frequently asked questions concerning suffering, faith, sin and healing are discussed, and different ways of building up our prayer life are considered. 

Session 1

Thought is given to the centrality of healing in Jesus’ ministry and to the mandate he left with us to ‘heal the sick who are there and say to them, the kingdom of God has come near to you’, (Luke 10:9). Discussion follows on the reality of Christ’s healing today in the areas of body, mind and spirit.

Session 2

deals with the issues of faith and healing, and the role of prayer in groups or individually.

Session 3

 Discusses the practical issues of prayer ministry, such as laying on of hands and anointing are considered, with the codes of good practice.

Session 4

Considers the difficult issues of repentance, forgiveness and inner healing.

Developing Prayer Life

This four week course aims to help you find new and meaningful ways of praying in all situations. 

Session 1

Deals with prayer journaling.  Here we learn some of the ways that the Celts prayed using the Caim and Lorica, and putting on the armour of God in the face of spiritual battles.  We deal with the issues of forgiveness.

Session 2

deals with the issues of faith and healing, and the role of prayer in groups or individually.

Session 3

Extends our boundaries of praying the Scriptures using Lectio Divina, the Lord’s Prayer and the Book of Common Prayer.

Session 4

Looks at God’s attributes to help us pray; the way of contemplative prayer, the ‘Prayer of Awareness’ and how to end the day. This four week course has a comprehensive manual.

Pastoral Care Training 


Would you like to develop an understanding of pastoral care from a Christian perspective and become more effective in relating to and caring for people who are hurting? 

We offer training in aspects of pastoral care. 

Phone the office. 

Christian Listening Course 


Listening Course 

 Having someone listen to you is a special experience, as mostly people prefer to do the talking.  

Listening is different from counselling; is simpler to learn, and is within the capability of most people.  Our course gives training and practice in listening to people in everyday situations. 

Listening to someone is a skill and requires training and aptitude.  Listening is very helpful in its own right to those who are distressed.  Being willing to listen shows an interest and concern for the other person.  It acknowledges that their points of view and experiences are important to you.  The person may not have experienced interest or concern very much in their lives before, and they may not even value their own point of view, so this is a very significant part of helping others.  Telling their story can help them make sense of what is happening – especially with the help of a trained listener. 


We may have the capability of listening, but often we do not really hear what is being said.  This may be because of things going on in the background, or because we haven’t really understood the importance of listening to others, or that good listening gives the speaker value and worth. 

In society many people suffer from being overlooked or undervalued.  This can wound them or injure their self-esteem.  However, when they are really listened to, they feel received and respected for who they are.  This can be tremendously healing.