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Professional Counselling Service

Our Counselling Servicedeals with issues such as: 



Relationship Problems


Pregnancy Loss


Loss of Direction in Life

Support for families of those who abuse substances

Loss of Self-esteem

Our Counselling Service is 

 Urgent contact is by phone to 07842925433. 

Normal counselling enquiries is to the office 028 9079 5832   

 or by email to 


Counselling is free at the point of need, however a suggested voluntary contribution is;

Annual joint income up to £15,000, £30 per session and over £15,000, £50 per session

It may suit clients to establish a standing order to contribute by instalments to

Danske Bank, Forestside,

27 Upper Galwally,

Belfast BT8 6FX

BACS 95-06-79 79041971