Spiritual Accompaniment and Direction

Spiritual Direction and Prayer Guidance 

The primary goal of spiritual direction is to help individuals grow in a personal relationship with God.  Spiritual direction, or spiritual accompaniment, offers an opportunity to reflect upon what they want the focus or direction of their life to be.  It also assists in exploring God’s seeming absence, and helps uncover areas that prevent an individual’s response to God’s presence. 

It is here that the person can consider what God desires of them as an individual, and what hinders them from achieving that goal.  In answering these issues, the question is then asked, “how can I realign my life?”. 

Talking with a spiritual director enables the person to explore and consider these questions and take stock of where there are in life and articulate a realistic picture of their vision of their faith journey.  It offers an opportunity to be listened to in a non-judgmental space, to discuss prayer life and to pay attention to God’s call on their life. 

Spiritual direction helps a growth in deeper intimacy with God, and promotes the experience of greater inner freedom. 

If your faith is new, dry, lost or wandering; please avail yourself of our offer to help you in Spiritual Guidance. 

CMH-The Mount offers two qualified Spiritual Directors and other persons as Spiritual Companions.

Phone the office for advice.  028 9079 5832 and ask for the Director.