This website is maintained by The Churches Ministry of Healing The Mount which is based in Belfast.

The Church of Ireland has two healing Ministries, one based in Dublin, the other in Belfast.  They are autonomous charities, and have a formal agreement that two members of each Board attend the others Board meetings to provide harmonisation.  There is no hierarchical structure, geographical, diocesan or indeed religious partition in the Church’s Ministry of Healing.  The Belfast Ministry is specifically open to those of any faith and none. Both Ministries depend financially on charitable support, and welcome contributions to their work.



Our Mission

Our mission is to bring Christ’s healing presence to those in need; in body, mind or spirit.

Our aims

Our aims are to promote, develop and practice Christ’s healing ministry in accordance with Biblical authority; using prayer, laying on of hands, counselling, anointing, preaching, teaching and healing practice among all people, to advance the Kingdom of God.

Our objective

Our objective is to restore a proper relationship between God and His people, to encourage the ministry of prayer and sacrament, to offer Christian listening, counselling and support for the anxious, the sick and the dying; and to provide the ministry of deliverance; working in harmony with the medical and caring professions.