The Church’s Ministry of Healing –The Mount, Belfast

The Church of Ireland introduced two healing Ministries in 2009, one based in Dublin, the other in Belfast.  They are autonomous charities, and have a formal agreement that two members of each Board attend the other’s Board meetings to provide harmonisation.  There is no hierarchical structure, geographical, diocesan or indeed religious partition in the Church’s Ministry of Healing.  The Belfast Ministry is open to those of any faith and none, and is not geographically restricted.  The Ministry is free at the point of need where necessary, and therefore depends on financial support, and we welcome contributions to our work. 
The Church’s Ministry of Healing–The Mount is a cross-community, inter-denominational outreach of the Church of Ireland to those of any faith or none, who are in difficulty and who need help.  We seek to promote, and give everyone, irrespective of their cultural or religious affiliation, access to God’s healing power through Christian healing, secular counselling and personal ministry, delivered in a non-judgemental, accepting, professional, ethical and theologically sound manner.
The Ministry is grounded in the Christian values of hospitality, belonging and wholeness which fosters opportunities for healing, growth and reconciliation at an individual and communal level so that all can reach their fullest potential.  This is achieved through a wide range of professional and strictly confidential counselling and support services, which are provided in a private, safe, and non-judgemental environment.   
Our mission is to bring peace and harmony in an increasingly troubled world, and this is delivered in a secure, ethical and theologically sound manner, so that all may receive God’s grace.  The ministry is complemented by a professionally supervised, secular, non-judgemental, qualified counselling service.
Our aim is to journey with individuals who struggle with daily life; especially those in physical pain, emotional turmoil and spiritual discomfort to bring them hope and courage, peace of mind and tranquillity of spirit.  

Help for you

The help for you which we offer is comprehensive, integrated and discrete to best meet individual needs of those in difficulty, and the needs of parishes and groups who seek to be informed and practice effective prayer, healing and reconciliation. Each helping branch is boundaried and distinctive with professional supervision and audit, yet flexible to encourage confidential progression between the ministries to lead to self-esteem, a vibrant faith, social rehabilitation and church integration.

While each area of help is defined, the Director of Ministry would encourage you to discuss your individual needs with her, to determine what category of help might be best suited to you or your organisation.


                                             NOTICE of AGM 2020

          Invitation to the AGM of the Church’s Ministry of Healing the Mount

The AGM will be on Thursday 5th November at 10.00 am on Zoom because of Covid-19 restrictions, and you will be warmly welcomed.

Canon Chris Matchett, Chairman

                                 Invitation to AGM 2020 by Zoom


If you require direction in the use of Zoom, please phone the office and we will be pleased to help.

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Diary Dates

DIARY  DATES for October/November

Monday     19  October         10.30am    Craft Group

Tuesday      20 October          10.00am    Holy Communion at 162

Wednesday 21 October       10.30-11.30   Fellowship of Contemplative Prayer 

Friday           23 October         10.30am     D Team

                                             1.00pm       Healing Service St Anne’s Cathedral Hall

Monday         26 October         10.30am     Craft Group

Friday       30 October         1.00pm     Healing Service St Anne’s Cathedral Hall

Monday     2 November      10.30       Craft Group
Tuesday     3 November     10.00      Holy Communion with prayers for healing
Thursday   5 November     10.30         Book Club
Friday         6 November      1.00 pm   Healing Service St Anne’s Cathedral Hall
Monday     9 November       10.30        Craft Group
Tuesday   10 November      11.00         Prayers for Israel & the Nations
Friday        13 November       1.00 pm Healing Service St Anne’s Cathedral Hall
Monday     16 November     10.30        Craft Group
Tuesday     17 November     10.00 Holy Communion with prayers for healing
Wednesday 18 November    10.30-11.30 Fellowship of Contemplative Prayer
Thursday     19 November    10.30        Book Club
Friday         20 November      1.00 pm Healing Service St Anne’s Cathedral Hall
Monday      23 November      10.30       Craft Group
Friday          27 November       10.30      D Team
                                                  1.00 pm Healing Service St Anne’s Cathedral Hall
Monday         30 November    10.30       Craft Group