The Church’s Ministry of Healing –The Mount, Belfast

The Church of Ireland introduced two healing Ministries in 2009, one based in Dublin, the other in Belfast.  They are autonomous charities, and have a formal agreement that two members of each Board attend the other’s Board meetings to provide harmonisation.  There is no hierarchical structure, geographical, diocesan or indeed religious partition in the Church’s Ministry of Healing.  The Belfast Ministry is open to those of any faith and none, and is not geographically restricted.  The Ministry is free at the point of need where necessary, and therefore depends on financial support, and we welcome contributions to our work. 
The Church’s Ministry of Healing–The Mount is a cross-community, inter-denominational outreach of the Church of Ireland to those of any faith or none, who are in difficulty and who need help.  We seek to promote, and give everyone, irrespective of their cultural or religious affiliation, access to God’s healing power through Christian healing, secular counselling and personal ministry, delivered in a non-judgemental, accepting, professional, ethical and theologically sound manner.
The Ministry is grounded in the Christian values of hospitality, belonging and wholeness which fosters opportunities for healing, growth and reconciliation at an individual and communal level so that all can reach their fullest potential.  This is achieved through a wide range of professional and strictly confidential counselling and support services, which are provided in a private, safe, and non-judgemental environment.   
Our mission is to bring peace and harmony in an increasingly troubled world, and this is delivered in a secure, ethical and theologically sound manner, so that all may receive God’s grace.  The ministry is complemented by a professionally supervised, secular, non-judgemental, qualified counselling service.
Our aim is to journey with individuals who struggle with daily life; especially those in physical pain, emotional turmoil and spiritual discomfort to bring them hope and courage, peace of mind and tranquillity of spirit.  

Help for you

The help for you which we offer is comprehensive, integrated and discrete to best meet individual needs of those in difficulty, and the needs of parishes and groups who seek to be informed and practice effective prayer, healing and reconciliation. Each helping branch is boundaried and distinctive with professional supervision and audit, yet flexible to encourage confidential progression between the ministries to lead to self-esteem, a vibrant faith, social rehabilitation and church integration.

While each area of help is defined, the Director of Ministry would encourage you to discuss your individual needs with her, to determine what category of help might be best suited to you or your organisation.


Church’s Ministry of Healing (The Mount)

Winter 2021

My Dear Friends

To hear that the Oxford Vaccine for Coronavirus had been approved on 30th December, was the very best news that 2020 has brought.  With the manufacturing of this potent agent already well underway, a new horizon was opening on a clear sky ahead.  What wonderful news to cheer the heart and soul and encourage the downhearted?  That same morning as I read the UCB Notes, the words that struck me were from Romans 12:1 offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship.  Not only did they strike me, but they sparked a memory of my first visit to Uganda in 1983, just after Idi Amin had been deposed as President; a visit that made real faith inroads into my life.  We had arrived at Kasese in SW Uganda.  On the first day we met in the mission hospital for morning prayers, and on the wall, in large letters were the words of Romans 12:1 …. offer your bodies as a living sacrifice.  A directive to offer oneself, body, mind and spirit to the one Holy God, to use in whatever way He found fit.  In this local situation of devastation, destitution and disease, I’d never seen such self-giving sacrifice.   There were no glum or dismal faces, no dissention, or any bellyaching, and this proved a huge challenge to my previously protected western heart! 

So with that thought and experience in this coronavirus restricted situation; in the middle of the distress (for no one has been untouched) we are called to be the best we can be for God’s kingdom.  What does that mean?  Well first, compliance with government regulations and recommendations, not for our own sake, but for the good of others and the wider community.  The authority given to the government through their scientific and medical advisors, is what makes this an imperative.  We know that our behaviour matters.

As we begin the New Year in a further extension of lockdown, with exact details yet to be worked through, the Church’s Ministry of Healing will be available for urgent counselling, prayer ministry, mentoring and advice at 162 Upper Knockbreda Road. In less urgent circumstances we will be available to help by phone, email and Zoom, whichever is appropriate.  There are strict measures in place and appointments are necessary (phone 028 90795832).   Social distancing, masks, hand sanitising and good ventilation will be adhered to as safety is our desire, remembering that only essential travel will be permitted.  We have cancelled all our groups in January and February and when we recommence, our Communion services with prayers for the sick, and Healing Services will take place at 162 until we are free to move the Healing Service back to St Anne’s Cathedral.  The Fellowship of Contemplative Prayer, D team and Book Club will not meet face to face until restrictions are lifted. 

May this year, 2021, be an opportunity to care for one another, and a time of reflection and renewal, as we offer our bodies as a living sacrifice of worship, so that the year will emerge as a great blessing for each one of us.

Your sister in Christ



Church’s Ministry of Healing (The Mount)

Hour of Prayer for our Ministry – 14 January 2021

“For it is not you who speak but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you”

(Matthew 10:20 ESV)


In Matthew chapter 10 we find the list of the original Disciples followed by the instructions that the Master delivered to them as he sent them on their first mission.  Jesus tells them how they were to conduct their mission and that it would meet with opposition.  They would meet their difficulties not in the manner of anxious preparation but in dependency upon God in the moment.

The context of Matthew 10 certainly determines that the strictures and expectations of ministry under Christ must apply beyond the immediate mission of that day; his words to those disciples would continue their currency throughout their own life’s ministry and onwards to that of their successors.  Under ‘The Great Commission’ of Matthew 28:20 we therefore share with the first disciples both their obligations of adhering to the Holy Spirit’s leading and their expectation of opposition however different our life circumstances may be.

With the principles for gospel ministry in mind we take up in our prayers the wisdom and guidance  of Psalm 81 and directly to our prayers the text of Psalm 86.

In Psalm 81 we find an obvious precedent to the obligation to adhere to the present guidance of God as we go forth in our profession for his service.  “Open your mouth and I will fill it” (Psalm 81:10b) commands our implicit dependence upon God’s guidance.  The alternative is to be abandoned to our “own counsels” (v12b).  Conditions are different but God’s ways do not vary so whatever “the finest of the wheat’ and honey from the rock” translates to today it represents an exciting prospect.

We know that God’s steadfast love does not fail.  This week I suggest we take into our prayers the words of Psalm 86.  As we place our ministry before him and seek “the ear of God” our heart’s desire is surely expressed by the Psalmist so that we too might experience “the sign of his favour” on our ministry today and for its future.

David (M)


Hour of Prayer for our Ministry 

This is an explanation to assist those praying friends, who have not taken part in our conversation to date.

In the secular community people face uncertain and challenging situations every day.  Every legitimate occupation in our society exists to meet human need, including the needs we have not anticipated.  People and organisations find their way forward by their wits and through their own resources.  Some problems prove too great for individuals and single enterprises so it becomes necessary to seek help where it may be found.  There is an ever present risk that some such might deliver less than what is hoped for; the original problem may become greater still.

When the Board of CMH met to continue its conversation about our future, we decided to take a course that might appear radical to some.  We decided to suspend all discussion and, until our next Board meeting at least. we would pray for one hour individually from 7am every Thursday.  In our prayer time we would be still and would listen.  Words from Psalm 46:10 and Philippians 4:6&7 came to mind.

So here we are today, praying on.  When, after several weeks, the process was firmly established amongst the Board members we felt able to invite others to join our hour of prayer, and here you are with us.  You are welcome and we hope you will be blessed and be a blessing to all as we grow closer to God through silence and by listening in prayer.

David Matchett prepares weekly notes to focus and co-ordinate or prayer and if you would like to receive these by email , contact Rab at 



Konik Ponies

At the bottom of our garden lane there is a small rough paddock, home to two male Konik ponies.  They are separated from six female Koniks who mostly live on the adjacent Hare Island, which is connected to the lane through the Rivers Agency site on the shore.  I said mostly because the Environmental Heritage staff, the keepers of these unusual feral ponies, move them as required.  These wonderful dun coloured ponies have a distinctive dark black/brown mane and dorsal stripe.  They can exist on very rough land and are good for managing wet lands, which makes them desirable short term residents.  So they get invitations to clean up various areas.  The fact that they can live on rough ground doesn’t mean that this is their desire.  We do know that far off fields are greener; the two males ate through the old wooden fence round their paddock and were seen rolling in ecstasy on the lush green grass of the neighbouring fields.

Perhaps, at this time of restrictions due to the Corona virus, we too want to escape to a green luscious space, an area where we will feel free and unrestrained?  

…be content with what you have, because God has said:

‘Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.’

So we say with confidence. ‘The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid,  What can man do to me?’

(Hebrews 13:5,6)

Diary Dates

Provisional Diary Dates

Due to current Restrictions the following are proposed:


Holy Communion with Prayers for the Sick

10.00 am Tuesdays:  2 & 16 March; 6 & 20 April


Prayers for Israel & the Nations

11.00 am Tuesdays:  9 March. 13 April


Fellowship of Contemplative Prayer

10.30 am Wednesdays:   24 March; 21 April


Healing Services

1.00 pm Fridays at 162 until further notices:

5, 12, 19, 26 March


We will be open for one-to-one prayer and counselling by appointment at 162

(phone 90795832)


A Service of Wholeness and Healing

From Down Cathedral, Downpatrick, N Ireland

 4th December 2020;