The Church’s Ministry of Healing –The Mount, Belfast

The Church of Ireland introduced two healing Ministries in 2009, one based in Dublin, the other in Belfast.  They are autonomous charities, and have a formal agreement that two members of each Board attend the other’s Board meetings to provide harmonisation.  There is no hierarchical structure, geographical, diocesan or indeed religious partition in the Church’s Ministry of Healing.  The Church’s Ministry of Healing in Belfast (CMH-TM) is open to those of any faith and none, and is not geographically restricted.  The Church’s Ministry of Healing in Belfast is free at the point of need where necessary, and therefore depends on financial support from the public, and we welcome contributions to our work. 
The Church’s Ministry of Healing–The Mount (CMH-TM) in Belfast is a cross-community, inter-denominational outreach of the Church of Ireland to those of any faith or none, who are in difficulty and who need help.  We seek to promote, and give everyone, irrespective of their cultural or religious affiliation, access to God’s healing power through Christian healing, secular counselling and personal ministry, delivered in a non-judgemental, accepting, professional, ethical and theologically sound manner.

The Ministry is grounded in the Christian values of hospitality, belonging and wholeness which fosters opportunities for healing, growth and reconciliation at an individual and communal level so that all can reach their fullest potential.  This is achieved through a wide range of professional and strictly confidential counselling and support services, which are provided in a private, safe, and non-judgemental environment.   

Our mission is to bring peace and harmony in an increasingly troubled world, and this is delivered in a secure, ethical and theologically sound manner, so that all may receive God’s grace.  The ministry is complemented by a professionally supervised, secular, non-judgemental, qualified counselling service.

Our aim is to journey with individuals who struggle with daily life; especially those in physical pain, emotional turmoil and spiritual discomfort to bring them hope and courage, peace of mind and tranquility of spirit.  


CMH-TM Strategic Focus


Purpose:                 ‘Bringing wholeness in Christ Jesus through prayer.’


Core Values:         Dependence on the Holy Spirit;

                                Sustainable Resources;

                                Stakeholder Engagement;

                                Outreach;   and




External:                 By 2028 to be recognised as a Centre of Excellence for prayer and healing ministry;

Internal:                  By 2024 to have in place management and support structures which facilitate the expanding ministry.


Help for you

The help for you which we offer is comprehensive, integrated and discrete to best meet individual needs of those in difficulty, and the needs of parishes and groups who seek to be informed and practice effective prayer, healing and reconciliation. Each helping branch is boundaried and distinctive with professional supervision and audit, yet flexible to encourage confidential progression between the ministries to lead to self-esteem, a vibrant faith, social rehabilitation and church integration.

While each area of help is defined, the Director of Ministry would encourage you to discuss your individual needs with her, to determine what category of help might be best suited to you or your organisation.

Help for us ………to deliver this Ministry at the point of need…….. 

Healing Services out and about…..

Photo L to R

Billy McAlpine, St Donard’s Parish, Belfast; Rev Pat Mollan, Church’s Ministry of Healing; Canon Paul Hoey, Rector St Canice’s Parish Eglinton.

Sunday 17 October 2021

At the invitation of Canon Paul Hoey, I travelled to Eglinton, Co Londonderry,  to take part in a Healing Service on Sunday 17 October, 2021, at St Canice’s Parish Church, Eglinton, accompanied by Billy McAlpine from St Donard’s Parish Belfast.  It was raining as I left Downpatrick to collect Billy in Belfast, but as we travelled the weather improved.  The Glenshane Pass welcomed us with splashes of sunshine illuminating the hills, encouraging us past extensive roadworks, but that was nothing to the warm welcome we received at St Canice’s.  It was so lovely to be back ‘on the road’ again travelling throughout the province to tell of the work of CMH and join in healing prayer with a congregation.  Billy had come with me to tell some of his journey through bereavement accompanied by the Christian Family.  After praying for the Bishop and the Rector, but remaining socially distanced, the congregation came forward to form a large circle round the chancel.  As we approached each person  they said their name and were prayed for individually by name and received a blessing.  So many people wanted to come forward that we had to repeat the process!

What a wonderful way to mark St Luke’s-tide!

Visit of the Primate and Archbishop of Armagh

On Monday 25th October the Church’s Ministry of Healing-The Mount was blessed in a visit by Dr John McDowell, Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland. His Grace visited at the invitation of the CMH Board who were keen to share with him the progress we are making with regard to our future and to gain from him the blessing of his office as we proceed. The event was fruitful in both respects.
Archbishop John spent an hour and a half with us. He gave us his most hearty encouragement as we go forward both in our future and the part that we might play in the life of our country which is so much in need of healing in this pandemic and beyond.
The Archbishop was especially exercised upon how greatly our young people have suffered over the recent past. He expressed his concern for their future in face of so many lost opportunities in their young life experiences that cannot be restored.
At the end of his time with us the Archbishop gave permission to make the visit central to our prayers this week and we in turn extended the promise that we would include him personally within those.
We thank God for this encouragement as it stimulates us to greater urgency in the affairs of his kingdom and the ministry of Christ’s mercies for healing in our land and amongst its people. We pray for our processes as we look to organise to play our part in those ministries of grace; and we pray for His Grace, Archbishop John as he strives to fulfil his office. Poignantly he reminded us that he was elected to the Primacy on 11 March 2020 to encounter within a week or so those ravages of lockdown which have affected our people so gravely and constricted his own opportunities for personal engagement which his duties would normally require.
We follow closely today the Apostle Paul’s instruction at 1 Timothy 2:1-4:
“First of all then I urge, that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way. This is good, and it is pleasing in the sight of God our Saviour who desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.”
We have been truly blessed.

Visit of Bishop Andrew Foster, Derry and Raphoe 17th February 2022



Autumn Letter

CMH Autumn News Letter 2022

Dear Friends

It is wonderful to be back in full swing at 162 and St Anne’s Cathedral on Fridays.  I am delighted that there has been a slow, but steady flow of clients through our doors.  Life has resumed its vibrancy!  The Covid virus did remove me from active service for over a week, but thankfully that was all, and I am grateful for the vaccine which moderated the effect.  While ‘resting’ at home there was plenty of time to think.  Mornings were approached gently while sitting back in bed watching the bird life on Strangford Lough.  A couple of curlews foraged for worms and beetles on the shoreline and appeared to be always busy, but the most patient of hunters was a heron, who would sit ‘hunched up’ for hours on a post quietly watching the water lap around it, that is until some unsuspecting fish chanced to swim by.  Then action was swift and very accurate.  We too have to take our opportunities when they come!

I am delighted that invitations are coming in from further afield.  This term I have been invited to preach at a Healing Service at St Canice’s Parish Church in Eglinton, near Londonderry, on Sunday 16th October.  Three weeks later, on 6th November, I have been invited to preach at a Healing Service in Ardee, Co Louth.  Nearer home I am invited to speak at Interdenominational Divine Healing Ministries in St Patrick’s Parish Church Ballymacarrett on Thursday 27thOctober and Inch Parish Church on 30th October2022. Already, I have an invitation to speak at Randalstown Mothers’ Union in March 2023.  These invites have come as a great encouragement after the quietness of ‘lock-down’.

In-house at 162 we have a group of ladies coming from St Matthew’s Parish for coffee and an informal chat on healing.  Our regular Friday Lunchtime Healing Services continue at St Anne’s Cathedral Hall at 1.00 pm, where individual prayer is available.

Wishing you every blessing,

Pat Mollan


Thursday Prayer

Each Thursday the CMH Board prays between 7.00 and 8.00 am for the Ministry of Healing, and we invite you to join us…….

Church’s Ministry of Healing – The Mount

Hour of Prayer for Our Ministry – 1 June 2023

“Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord” Luke 10:3


The season between Easter and Pentecost in the early church was a season of anticipation.  Jesus had told them that the Holy Spirit would come and he directed them finally to retire to Jerusalem and wait for his power.  The waiting ended: the believers received the power for which they had prayed; this was their time to reset for action.

At “The Mount” we have followed a path of extended prayer and discernment.  We have committed to a vision for the future of this Ministry; we expect it will take us several years to bring this to full fruition, but it is time to start.

Our weekly prayers arose as we focused to discern God’s will according to the means of grace.  We prayed from our desire to sustain this ministry and to see it grow.  Each week since September 2020 we have discerned to find the right path to take our work forward.  That process has run its course upon the approval of our Strategic Plan last month.  We therefore faced the decision whether we should continue the weekly prayer initiative beyond its original purpose.

The Board was united in its commitment that we should indeed continue to pray intentionally each week; so we continue the invitation for others to partner with us.  By doing so we honour the words of the Lord in today’s title reference.  We might also remind ourselves that every discernment process is incomplete until it is acted upon.  Earnest prayer is vital as we go forward and test our vision in action.  We deeply appreciate the partnership of each friend who joins with us and we hope that this fellowship of prayer will deepen as yet others catch the vision.

Hereunder is the essence of our vision:

To be recognised as a Centre of Excellence for prayer and healing ministry

To build management and support structures which facilitate the expanding ministry.


Today we invite each to take this vision to their heart and to note it for their ongoing prayers in fellowship one with another.  We pray that our shared devotions will develop and find shape week by week in this new phase under which CMH-TM seeks to be of service by empowering local churches, and partnering together for Christ’s glory.

David (M)

Diary Dates

Holy Communion with Prayers for the Sick

10.00 am Tuesdays:   bimonthly

Prayers Hour at 162

11.00 am Tuesday:  monthly

 Fellowship of Contemplative Prayer

10.30 am Wednesday:  monthly


Healing Services

1.00 pm         Every Friday at St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast

1.00pm          First Friday in month Down Cathedral, Downpatrick

8.00 pm         First Tuesday in month St Molua’s, Stormont, Belfast

We are open for one-to-one prayer and counselling by appointment at 162

(phone 90795832)