Happy Clients

Norman Sleator

Religious Affiliation: Church of Ireland, Member of the Select Vestry and Parishioner at St Finnian’s, Cregagh.

Interest in Healing Ministry:

My interest in the healing ministry goes back some 15 years regularly attending Interdenominational Divine Healing Ministries’ (IDHM) weekly service at St Finnian’s. For a number of years, I have served this ministry as a member of its prayer ministry team.  Currently I am also IDHM’scoordinator of its ’30 day’ intercessory prayer service. More recently I have felt called to an involvement with CMH-TM serving at its weekly healing service at St Anne’s Cathedral. I have also attended a number of CMH-TM in-house book clubs covering books by Francis MacNutt and Max Lucado. I am a strong supporter of closer co-operation between IDHM and CMH-TM.

Rev Prof RAB Mollan

Rab serves as Company Secretary, Site Maintenance Manager and Mentor.

Rab Mollan is husband to Pat.  He is an orthopaedic surgeon in medicolegal practice and also non-stipendiary priest.  He is particularly interested in governance, and has Chaired CMS Ireland and Belfast Bible College in the past.  He has been intimately involved in the development of the Church’s Ministry of Healing- The Mount.  He maintains the website, the headquarters building, 162, and the prayer garden.

Mrs Sally King DL​

I grew up in the Middle East, and was educated in Hampshire from the age of 8, steeped in the Church of England.  I moved to Northern Ireland from Hong Kong with my husband James and three sons to live at his family home in 1992. I joined our local church, Christ Church Kilmore where I have worshipped since and served as Parish Reader.

After three years at Belfast Bible College in the Women’s Study Fellowship and for a further year in Pastoral Care.  I then trained to become a Diocesan Lay Reader being commissioned in 2018 in Dromore Cathedral.

I served on the Select Vestry for nearly 10 years, was part of the team running the renovation of the church and my husband built the church hall. I am the Pastoral Care coordinator and visitor, also the Safeguarding Trust Officer. I started a Puppet Ministry in our joint parish of Kilmore & Inch in 2014 and enjoy singing in our Choir and Praise Group.

After a Prayer Ministry course with CMH-The Mount, the importance of the Prayer and Healing ministries became a fundamental part of my faith. I was invited to join the prayer team at Down Cathedral for the monthly Healing Service in 2007 and continue to serve and support this. I have led and preached there and also at St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast. I was invited to join the CMH Diocesan Committee for Down & Dromore in 2011 and I am still in place.

My interests and hobbies include my family, now scattered around the world, my role as a Deputy Lieutenant for County Down, Tourism and beekeeping.

David Matchett, Chairman

On the domestic front (with my long-suffering wife Mandy) our time flows towards the families of our three married children comprising nine grandchildren and their multitude of pets (I keep my own sheepdog X to help here).

My working background in the public sector and my university studies contained a strong element of Training and Governance. Since retiring I took a BD (Hons) and am accredited in the Baptist Church with a Diploma in Pastoral and Theological Studies.

My ministry interests centre around contemplative prayer and in particular the application of spiritual direction/accompaniment within an Evangelical context.

Mr Wesley Dickinson, Vice-Chairman

Wesley is a retired Manufacturing Optician and has been a member of Christ Church, Lisburn, for nearly 50 years.

He is actively involved in the church as chair of the Prayer Fellowship and the Missionary Prayer Fellowship. He is also a member of the Diocesan Synod and the General Synod.

He is a regular pastoral visitor with members of the church family and has previously held the position of Rector’s Church Warden and People’s Church Warden.

Revd Elaine Pentland

I have, for a long time, had a heart for prayer and as I journey on in faith and ministry have had the delight and continue to learn more of the ministry of the Holy Spirit. The Lord’s healing and release of the captives is an essential element of the mission and proclamation of the Gospel and something I desire to see more of and be involved in as I pray for the advancing of His Kingdom.

I am married with three children and two dogs. I enjoy books, music, coffee shops and when I can find it, solitude and silence.

Mrs Amanda Matchett

Mandy is a former teacher of Mathematics and a retired civil servant.  She is a member of Holywood Baptist Church where she held the post of Church Secretary for seven years and, alongside her husband David, established and ran a Bereavement Support Ministry and a Contemplative Prayer Group.  Her first loves are cooking, gardening and reading and, when not involved in the care of some of her nine grandchildren, enjoys spending time in Castlerock with her dog and husband.  She brings a broad range of knowledge and skills to the Board including Project Management, Consultancy and Governance.

Administrative staff

The administrative staff include Mrs. Jenny Hurst,full-time Ministry Assistant, and a small number of volunteer part time support staff. 

Counselling, mentoring and prayer ministry is delivered by members of the Board and volunteer accredited Christian Counsellors.  Spiritual Direction is provided by accredited advisors. 

Help for you

The help which we offer is comprehensive, integrated and discrete to best meet individual needs of those in difficulty, and the needs of parishes and groups who seek to be informed and practice effective prayer, healing and reconciliation. Each help branch is boundaried and distinctive with professional supervision and audit, yet flexible to encourage confidential progression between the ministries to lead to self-esteem, a vibrant faith, social rehabilitation and church integration.

While each area of help is defined, and the Director of Ministry and the Ministry Assistant would encourage you to discuss your individual needs with them, to determine what category of help might be best suited to you or your organisation.  Phone calls are not monitored and all calls are completely confidential.