Each Thursday the CMH Board and friends pray between 7.00 and 8.00 am for the Ministry of Healing, and we invite you to join us in prayer…….

The Church’s Ministry of Healing – The Mount

Thursday Hour of Prayer – 23rd May 2024

As the weather begins to improve at last, I recently had the opportunity to spend time outside in God’s creation, and simply to be still, and was once again stunned at the beauty of this world, entertained by the aerobatic displays of the birds in the garden, and cheered by the fresh vibrancy of the newly opened buds. We think of the garden as a place of peace and quiet, but in actual fact, as we intentionally observe our surroundings there is a cacophony of bird song, bees buzzing and distant cows lowing. Busyness and activity is all around. As I listened to the birds’ chorus, it was so delightful to note the variety of song, each one communicating to its own kind clearly and effectively, yet each distinct and specific to the particular breed of bird.

This prompted me to consider how on Sunday we celebrated Pentecost and the arrival of the Holy Spirit which enabled the apostles to speak in the different languages of the people surrounding them, ensuring all could understand. What the apostles were not able to do in their own power and strength, God enabled them to do with the help of his Holy Spirit. Anyone who has attempted to learn a foreign language will understand the complexity and difficulty of communicating effectively, so this was truly amazing and must have been an incredibly exciting event to witness!

Peter’s message to the crowd was clear:

“…repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. The promise is for you and your children and for all who are far off – for all whom the Lord our God will call.” (Acts 38-39)

This incredible promise and gift of the Holy Spirit as helper is at the core of what makes the Healing Ministry effective. Just as the crowds at Pentecost were many and varied, so are the life experiences of those who seek the help of the Healing Ministry. By the power of the Holy Spirit our ministry team are called and equipped to connect with each person, to speak into their specific situation, and to open their eyes to the rescue Jesus offers.

This week, as we meet for our AGM, we pray for all involved at The Church’s Ministry of Healing- The Mount; that they would be guided and empowered by the Holy Spirit alone, to do the will of the Father, and ultimately that all who come for help would encounter the living God.

Contemplative Prayer

Fellowship of Contemplative Prayer
Coordinator Canon Raymond Fox
Contemplative prayer seeks tranquility, quietness, to listen for God meets in 162, Wednesdays, 10.30am on the following dates;

19th June 2024


Excerpt from The Articles of Association


  1. The first member of the Company shall be the Subscriber to the
    Memorandum of Association.

  1. The Directors may admit to membership any person, association,
    society, company or other corporate body interested in promoting the
    objects of the Company. There shall be three classes of membership of
    the Company as follows:
    Any person aged eighteen years or over and living within the
    area of benefit and who subscribes to the objects of the
    Company whose membership is invited by the Directors, and
    they shall be entitled to vote at all meetings.
    The Board will invite Individual Members from the following
    categories –
    (a) Individual volunteers who have served in
    the ministries of healing, prayer, counselling and
    deliverance for a minimum period of six months, and
    continue to do so at least once each month at the
    present time.
    (b) supporters in prayer and finance
    The Board will review on an annual basis, and before
    each AGM, the list of Individual members and the
    categories of membership ensuring that at least two
    thirds of the membership belongs to the Church of

Any organisation active within the area of benefit, whether
voluntary or statutory, which subscribes to the objects of the
Company and whose application for Affiliate membership is
approved by the Directors. Affiliated members have the right
to attend and speak at General Meetings of the Company and
are entitled to vote. Each affiliate member which is an
organisation will be entitled to only one vote.

Any well-wisher or person who, in the opinion of the
Directors, has special knowledge or experience to offer the
Company and whose application for Associate membership is
approved by the Directors’ Associate members have the right
to attend and speak at General Meetings of the Company but
are not entitled to vote.

  1. Every application for admission shall be considered by the Directors
    at their first meeting after it was made, or as soon thereafter as is
  2. Any member which is an association or a corporate body shall by
    resolution of its governing body appoint a deputy who shall during the
    continuance of his/her appointment be entitled to exercise in any General
    Meeting all such rights and powers as the association or the corporate
    body would exercise if it were an individual person.
  3. The provision of Article 360 of the Order shall be observed by the
    Company and every member shall either sign a written consent to
    become a member or sign the Register or Members on becoming a
  4. A member may at any time withdraw from the Company by giving
    at least seven clear days notice to the Company. Membership shall not be
    transferable and shall cease on death.
  5. The Company shall have power at General Meetings to fix an annual
    subscription for each category of member. lt shall not however be
    obligatory for the Company to fix an annual subscription but if so fixed it
    shall be a qualification for membership that such annual subscription shall
    be fully paid.
  6. The Company will keep a Register of Members at its registered
  7. Standard of conduct of Members;

Members must at all times observe the highest standards of propriety in
relation to their membership. Members must:
(a) take decisions as Members in the interests of the Company, and not
to gain any financial or other material benefits for themselves, their
family, their friends or any particular organisation or other interest
(b) exercise their rights and powers as Members to further the objects
of the Company as set out in the Company’s Memorandum of
(c) not place themselves under any financial or other obligation to
outside individuals or organisations that might influence them in the
performance of their official duties;
(d) make their choices on merit in carrying out Company business,
including where making appointments to the Board, recommending
individuals for rewards and benefits and approving transactions to
be entered into by the Company;
(e) be as open as possible about all the decisions and actions that they
take, giving reasons for their decisions and restricting information
only when the wider public interest clearly demands;
(f) be accountable for their decisions and actions and submit
themselves to a level of scrutiny which is appropriate to their
membership of the Company;
(g) not use their position as a Member, or information received by
virtue of their position as a Member, to further private interests or
to frustrate or influence policy, decisions or actions of the Company
in an improper manner;
(h) declare to the Board any private interests relevant to their
membership or the activities of the Company; and conduct
themselves in a manner which will maintain and strengthen the
public’s trust and confidence in the Company and avoid any action
which would, or could, bring the Company’s name and reputation
into disrepute.

  1. If it is the Board’s view that a member has not lived up to their
    responsibilities as set out on Clause 10, or if the member has in
    some way brought the Company into disrepute, they shall have the
    power to remove that person’s membership.


  1. A member shall cease to be a member if:
    (a) such member ceases to fulfil any of the qualifications specified in
    these articles;
    (b) such member resigns by notice in writing addressed and delivered
    to the Company, in accordance with the legislation;
    (c) such member is expelled from membership by an ordinary
    resolution in that behalf carried at a duly convened General
    Meeting of the Company at which such member shall be first
    afforded the opportunity to make representations on the matter;
    (d) such member ceases to be a body corporate or unincorporated or
    goes into liquidation or is dissolved;
    (e) any member who for two consecutive years fails to pay the
    appropriate membership fee shall cease to be a member of the
    Company. All members of the Company who have paid the
    appropriate fee for the current year shall be eligible to attend and
    vote at the General Meeting.
    (f) any member who fails to attend 3 consecutive Annual General
    Meetings without apology or reasonable excuse shall lose her/his

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