Each Thursday the CMH Board and friends pray between 7.00 and 8.00 am for the Ministry of Healing, and we invite you to join us in prayer…….

Hour Of Prayer for Our Ministry – Thursday 23 November 2023

Blessings Along the Way

Our prayers today find their encouragement once again in the story of unexpected blessing brought to us by a lady who attended one of our prayer courses.  I share with permission under a name which is not her own.

The course was written and delivered to the specific requirement that it was to be in the format of a workshop and so allow maximum participant experience throughout the day.  Evidently the specifications had evaded Betty beforehand for her story went something like this:

“Had I known that the course involved praying with other people and for others on the day I would not have gone.  I am glad I did not know, because I did it.”

Betty is quietly spoken and humble, but what she told us and the way she expressed it blessed us extravagantly.

In the providence of God, the Holy Spirit comes to us in the unexpected.  Sometimes we need to get over our natural reticence and make room for him to lead us into the things that he has willed to bring into our lives.  Betty was already giving important service in her church, but God had more for her and it was important that she was in the right place to receive it.

We grow individually in God’s service; our ministry exists to encourage growth in the lives of others.  I do not know how it came to be that Betty travelled to that event unsuspectingly.  God meets us as he wills and Betty, found herself in the place of blessing.  It was not the blessing that she expected but in God’s goodness it was the one she needed.  Betty is blessing others, not least ourselves.

Perhaps there is an application for each who pray today, to open ourselves to something that lies outside our present comfort zone.  Or, should perhaps we find ourselves overtaken by events, to seize the moment and do for God what it lies at our hand to do.

David (M)

Contemplative Prayer

Fellowship of Contemplative Prayer
Coordinator Canon Raymond Fox
Contemplative prayer seeks tranquility, quietness, to listen for God meets in 162, Wednesdays, 10.30am on the following dates;
20th September
18th October
15th November
13th December