Where we do it

The headquarters building is known locally as the House of Healing on the Hill.  This is the administrative hub where enquiries can be answered confidentially and appointments can be arranged.  We offer counselling and meeting rooms, including one facility for disabled and wheelchair users.  The seminar room doubles as a chapel for quiet prayer, services and prayer ministry.  The library is well appointed and is a helpful facility to those requiring some space and quiet on hospital visiting and other appointments in Belfast. 

The office is open 9.00am to 4.00pm, Monday to Friday.  This is where external teaching and support events can be discussed and arranged.  We welcome discussions with parishes and local churches on how best to extend and support the healing ministry

Visitors are always welcome.  There is adequate parking on site.  The location has a specially prepared prayer garden for quiet reflection and peace, and hospitality can be offered if required. 

The wide-ranging ministry is delivered externally across the northern counties of both Northern Ireland and Ireland.  Our focus externally is primarily to establish healing hubs and provide support facilities in local settings.  We support churches to develop healing and prayer ministries in their own localities.  We deliver supporting services to churches and Christian communities in their own location including Quiet Days, Team Retreats, Church Services, and Specialist Deliverance Ministry.  We are always available to explore ministry needs identified by local churches and Christian Groups.